There are always an array of great prizes to be won at Mòd Canada. Lunch is served and unique items can be purchased at our on-site store and silent-auction.

NOTE: Taking an annual $25 annual membership in Comunn Gàidhlig Ottawa includes 1 individual entry to the Mòd. All other competitors must pay the appropriate entry fee to the Mòd. All competitor members and non-member must pay the price for each event as indicated on the Category Pages.  Please ensure that you choose correctly when paying your competition fee.  If you are not a paid up annual member of CGO then please choose non-member from the drop down list in order to pay the correct fee.

Existing members are asked to purchase their entries, and will receive a $5 refund (1 Individual Event Entry) after their entries are processed. Prescribed tunes will be sent by post as soon as is practical after payment has been processed.

Registration Deadline  for Competitions:   June 1, 2015

After June 1 the cost to register for each competition will be double.

2015 Prescribed Tunes/Songs

Four categories of entry are usually subject to prescribed tunes. These are aligned with the Royal National Mòd (Scotland) and will be published as soon as they are announced in Fall of 2014. This year, we have only two "prescribed" songs, both for choirs. All other selections may be your own choice. If in doubt whether your selection is suitable or not, or if you require a copy of the official sheet music for the prescribed choral piece, please contact the Mòd office at:

  • Choral, (A302) (Tìr a' Mhurain)
  • Choral Puirt a Beul (A308) (Cairistìona Chaimbeul / A chur nan gobhar às a' chreig)

Other entries

Other Mòd entries fall into 4 main categories. You can find out more and enter the categories by following the links below or consulting the main drop-down menu.






Mod Chanada 2015 Pricing

To help calculate your Mod attendance/participation fee:

CGO Membership (Includes Mod general admission and competition discounts)

Individual - $25/year, Group - $100/year, Corporate - $250/year

General Admission:

Family (2 adults/3 children) $25, Adults $10, Children (5-12) $5, Senior Citizens/Military/Police/Veterans or paid up Comunn Gaidhlig Ottawa members - Freewill offering


Please note: All competitors are required to pay the General Admission Fee of $10.00 unless you have paid for an Annual Membership OR are competing in 3 or more events.  Those who are competing in 2 events will pay a $5.00 admission fee.   Please pay your General Admission fee in the Store.

*Events as defined below include Sunday workshops; however, only competitive events will be counted toward combined scores for grand prize winnings.

* Paid up CGO members have a lower competition fee as indicated below.

If you register for 3+ events, general admission fee will be waived.  Go to Adult/Children's General Admission in the store and select the number of events you have registered for.  Your admission fee will be adjusted accordingly.

If you register for 2 events, general admission fee will be 50%.  Go to Adult/Children's  General Admission in the store and select the number of events you have registered for.  Your admission fee will be adjusted accordingly.

If you register for 1 event, general admission fee will be 100%

Competition event information can be found at:

If uncertain, please e-mail us at: