Sarah MacKay is a student at George Mason University. She has enjoyed making art for as long as she can remember, but mostly does it for fun. Not only does she do art as a hobby, but she studied music in school and with private lessons. She currently attends George Mason University, where she majors in theater. She is currently interning at the costume shop.

Jessica MacKay loves creating art, writing, and teaching, sometimes all at the same time.  She recently graduated from George Mason University with a Masters in Arts and Teaching, which she hopes will help her become an art teacher very soon.  Right now, she works as a substitute art teacher for elementary schools in Fairfax, Virginia.

First Edition Artist: Jay Nation is a High School student. Her work has been used as a template example for other students to follow. She recently received a student of the month award "for her artistic vision, creativity, craftsmanship and dedicated work on the stop animation project in Media Art class." Her inspiration comes from her enjoyment of an extensive and eclectic library, a large collection of movies and a wide variety of music. Jay's interests are not solely in the arts. She is currently working on obtaining her black belt in jiu jitsu, enjoys a good comedy as well as learning world history.