CGO working with Jim Sutherland on the Struileag initiative

January 29, 2013 in News by randy

There is a VERY exciting initiative unfolding in Scotland called Struileag, and we have been called to participate.
Struileag is quite an obscure word, explains Sutherland, himself a Gaelic learner, Ive been asked what it means by quite a few native speakers. It refers to an imaginary boat which was used in storytelling sessions, a bit like pass the parcel. When somebody had taken their turn at a storytelling ceilidh they would pass on the struileag, the boat, to the next storyteller.
2014 is the year of Homecoming in Scotland for all of the Gaelic/Scottish diaspora around the globe. The group has started to gather stories, photos, videos, recipes and culiminate in special performances in Inverness likely the week before the Mò is unfolding into a very big deal with lots of coverage and is already in motion....and a fit that couldn't be more perfect for Ar n-Òran, Na Cuileagan Lasraich and Comunn Gàidhlig Ottawa.
Are you Scot or a descendant of one?
Culminating in an international large scale event, Struileag is a forward looking, multi-faceted, culturally ambitious project that will reach out around the world to the people of the Gaelic Diaspora, in an inspiring and poignant exploration of the collective, experiences and aspirations of the Gael.Struileag brings specially commissioned poetry, music and song together with film in an internationally streamed show that explores the universal links between language and culture. It will be surprising, magical, and revelatory, and above all it will be brave. Incorporating 15 musicians, 8 singers and an internationally raised youth orchestra the 2014 Show will push the boundaries of culture and style to create a nationally significant highlight of the year of Homecoming 2014. Extensive community engagement will form a substantial cornerstone of the project which will deliver poetry competitions, talks & discussions, concerts, workshops and finally an international touring show. There will be a lasting legacy in the form of a book of poetry and song, a commercially available recording, a DVD and a film.
An Sgioba / Artistic Team Jim Sutherland Artistic Director / Composer Kevin MacNeil Director of Poetry Dan Ayling Director of Show Douglas McKinnon Director of Film
I will be collecting, compiling, and forwarding our input to the team in Scotland in participation and preparation for this wonderful initiative.
So, where to start and what can you do to help...
* I would like to ask all of you who are Scots or descendants to participate in a recorded interview. (Either audio or audio-video)
    - Interviews can be in Gàidhlig, English or a mix of both.
    - We will explore questions like:
        - When did you, your family or your ancestors emmigrate from Scotland to Canada?
        - Where did they come from in Scotland?
        - Why did they leave Scotland?
        - Did they have Gaelic?
        - Where did they settle in Canada? Where do you live now? How was their life when they moved here?
        - What do you/did your ancestors do?
        - Do you have any family history, photographs, recipes or other things you'd like to share?
        - If so, is Gaelic still spoken or was any of the language, culture or music passed on, or when did it die off?
        - What does Scotland and/or Gaelic mean to you?
        - How do you connect with Scotland? Other Gaels?
        - Do you have any Gaelic?
        - Do you study Gaelic, the music, the culture? Why?
        - What does Gaelic mean to you? Do you feel passion, loss, etc?
        - What does "home" mean to you?
        - What makes you feel Scottish/Gaelic pride?
* I would like to provide interviews to Struileag and post them on our CGO YouTube page as I believe it is of relevance and value to both the initiative and to our membership.
I hope I have piqued your interest. Now's our chance to speak out about and put our history, story and thoughts where they'll be heard. You can check out Struileag on FB at:  on Twitter at: @struileag and shortly on it's own website which I'll forward when I have the URL
I'll need about an hour or so of your time to interview/record those who are interested.
Interested? Please contact me ASAP and we'll book a time to start gathering information.
Le gach dhùrachd,
Randaidh Waugh
Cuinn-suidhe / President of Comunn Gàidhlig Ottawa (Home of Mòd Chanada, Ar n-Òran Gàidhlig and An Cuileagan Lasraich Choirs), Canada
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