CGO launches a new Gaelic Children’s Choir

July 29, 2012 in News by admin

Interested in your children capturing part of their heritage?

We am pleased and encouraged to announce the creation of a Comunn Gàidhlig Ottawa children's choir. Children are the key to growing and being able to sustain our Gaelic tradition...they are also a wonderful addition to our society, the Mòd and are always appreciated by our Mòd attendees.

The children need no Gàidhlig...we will teach them words and actions to 2 songs. We also encourage them to participate in our children's competition.

The songs are easy, are often to well known tunes, and our emphasis is on fun and pride of their culture...

Once we have enough children we will let you know when/where practices will start (most likely 1x/week (likely Wednesday evenings)  for 1/2 - 1 hour at the most). All will be provided with an .mp3 sound file of songs and word sheets with Gàidhlig words and phonetic pronunciations.