Bruce Campbell Pìobaireachd Workshop at the 2014 Mòd

March 28, 2014 in News by randy


a one day workshop in two halfs


Morning session

Let’s blow away the cobwebs of half-truths, ‘black art’ and mystery to expose what is really a fascinating and most enjoyable subject.
In this session I’ll explain the structure of Piobaireachd and how understanding its make-up makes both memorising and playing much easier.
This session is also suitable for those who just want to gain an appreciation of the art without actually wanting to tread the competition boards while for performing pipers it will establish a framework which will transform your playing to new heights.
Phrasing, stress (wrongly known as ‘accent’) as well as cadences and other embellishments (including the Crunluadh) are all put under scrutiny as well as how to appreciate a good tune.
The session will be capped by musical performances to illustrate the talk.
At the end an open forum will encourage questions from the floor. 

Afternoon session

This is a performance-related segment but one which is designed for all levels of player from novice upwards.
Hands-on practice chanter work will take you through the best way to learn embellishments and tunes.
That will set up a practical look at a couple of Piobaireachd (notation is supplied).
Finally, an ‘on-instrument’ session will look at the need for a top class pipe sound (help is given here) and the opportunity to play in concert.  
If there is time a problem solving session will finish the day off.
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Early-bird prices (Until Saturday, May 3rd) are:
morning session is $25, full day is $50
Workbook will be sold at ½ price (Cost TBA)
Register now at:
NOTE: If you register after May 3rd, prices will be morning session will be $35 and full day $70