The Sons ofScotlandPipe Band

The Sons of Scotland Pipe Band isCanada's Oldest Civilian Pipe Band and was Founded in 1896. It was the first Pipe Band to be heard in the Nation's capital on Burns night, 1896. Under the direction of Pipe Major Bethany Bisaillion, the Sons of Scotland compete at the Grade 4 and Grade 5 levels and perform in some 50 concerts and parades throughout the year. They are committed to developing the talent of each of their members, producing quality music, and having a great deal of fun. The band is proud to be affiliated with theCollegeofPipinginGlasgowScotland.

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Clì Gàidhlig

Aims * To promote the learning and national status of Gaelic * To disseminate information on Gaelic and Gaelic affairs * To act as the voice of Gaelic learners and non-native speakers ...learning, information and voice - these are the aims of Clì Gaelic, the Scots Gaelic access and promotion organisation.Gaelic speaker or not; Gaelic learner or Gaelic supporter; native of Scotland or no connection - whatever it is you are welcome in Clì Gàidhlig! Cothrom and the Clì Website are enjoyable ways in which to promote learning, information and campaigning – Clì Gàidhlig's three fundamental aims. But these are not the only means to these ends.

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An Comunn Gàidhealach

The aims of the Association are to support and develop all aspects of the Gaelic language, culture, history and heritage at local, national and international levels by: * Promoting the study and development of Gaelic language, literature, music, drama and all other related art forms. * Promoting the use of the language in everyday community life. * Actively seeking official recognition and use of Gaelic as a living language and national asset by local, national and European Governments and other agencies, by co-operating with all other organisations engaged in the provision of Gaelic language and culture * An Comunn Gàidhealach is non-political and non-sectarian, and membership is open to anyone sharing the above objectives

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Sìol Cultural Enterprises

Sìol Cultural Enterprises is a privately owned and operated Gaelic retailer-wholesaler (Tha a' Ghàidhlig againne ma bhios sibh ag iarraidh 'ga bruidhinn). They specialize in Scottish Gaelic books, tapes and videos from bothScotlandandNova Scotia(in easternCanada). They can also provide products in any of the other Celtic languages or Celtic interest. They maintain hundreds of titles in-stock and are adding more all the time. They offer special rates for retailers, schools, libraries and Gaelic language classes/groups. Contact them about their trade rates or their general price list.

Trueman Matheson is a wonderful supporter of Comunn Gàidhlig Ottawa and our common cause.

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Atlantic Gaelic Academy

The goal of theAtlanticGaelicAcademy(AGAtm) is to increase the number of Gaelic speakers by making Gaelic-learning programs, courses, and education available to students of the language. The AGA: * Develops, provides, and administers Gaelic-learning programs for students of the language. * Conducts Gaelic language classes at specific locations. * Makes live Gaelic-learning classes available to remote areas through the latest technology. * Provides a structured approach to learning the language. * Provides a course of studies where students can progress from Beginner level through Advanced level. * Provides a course of studies with pre-written standardized lesson plans for students and instructors. * Provides a way for students to have the opportunity to speak to other Gaelic speakers whenever they choose in order to accelerate their speaking abilities in the language.

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Toronto Gaelic Learners' Association-An Comann Luchd Ionnsachaidh Thoronto

The Toronto Gaelic Learners Association (CLUINN) is a non- profit community organisation dedicated to promoting and teaching the Scottish Gaelic language.

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Nova ScotiaOffice of Gaelic Affairs

The mission of the OGA is to work with Nova Scotians in the renewal of Gaelic language and culture in the Province.

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