Photographic History

Bethanaidh Bisaillion agus Randaidh Waugh air a'chnog pàrlamaid ann an Ottawa, Canada

Bethanaidh Bisaillion agus Randaidh Waugh air a'chnog na phàrlamaid, Ottawa, February 2009 (Olga Waugh taking photograph)

Gil Waugh and Olga Waugh at the CGO table at the Gordon Pipe Band Smiths Falls Spring Fling

A choir is born, Ar Òran is formed June 24th, 2009

(Left to Right) Gil Waugh, Sarah Kidder, Krista Grant, Jane Bothwell, Michael Bleakney (Olga Waugh taking photograph)

Gil Waugh giving a Gaelic workshop at Kaleidoscope Gathering 2009

Gil Waugh at the Fergus Highland Games and Scottish Festival. Thanks to Bill Thoms for the VIP treatment! Had great chats with Laura Curtis (not in pics), Diana Gabaldon and Sìne McKenna. Sin e!


Ar n-Òran recorded it's first CD on Thursday, October 29th, 2009.

(Ar n-Òran is L to R: Madeleine Thompson, Fiona Medley, Aine Baker, Fiona McDonald, Michael Bleakney, Sarrah Kidder, Krista Grant, Olga Waugh, Denis Watson, Tom Baker, and in front Randaidh Waugh)

Photograph by Frank Schilder

From Ar n-Òran's winning competition performance at Mòd Canada, Ottawa, November 21st, 2009

From Ar n-Òran's performance at Scotland Tonight, Bronson Center, Ottawa, November 22nd, 2009