This is a new incarnation and is associated with The Ottawa Gaelic society by partial function and purpose only. The previous Ottawa Gaelic Society associated with The Sons of Scotland Pipe Band was formed some 60 years ago and energetically headed by Rita and Thomas Messer. When it folded in the Spring of 2008 it opened the way for Comunn Gàidhlig Ottawa, a new and revitalised organisation focused on promoting a wide Gaelic language and culture based activities. We owe a special thanks to Thomas, Rita and all those members who kept the torch burning for all these years.

Comunn Gàidhlig Ottawa is an Ontario not-for-profit corporation that was incorporated in February 2009 and bears Ontario Incorporation #1790580. It proudly uses the Waugh Tartan, which is registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans. More details can be found about the Waugh Tartan at: http://www.tartanregister.gov.uk/tartanDetails.aspx?ref=10028