About us

Comunn Gàidhlig Ottawa exists to promote Gaelic language, music and culture.

CGO is multi-dimensional, and focuses on:

  • Providing “in-person” Gaelic learning groups at various levels based on AGA and other proven methodologies to help foster and grow Gaelic awareness and usage in central Canada
  • Networking with other Celtic and Gaelic groups to provide high quality “easy-to-find” Gaelic language, music and cultural resources
  • Organizing and help to grow a Canadian National Capital Mòd in co-ordination with other Mòd organizations that fosters and promotes Gaelic language, singing, dancing and piping activities.
  • Providing information, contacts and facilities for Gaelic choirs, musical learning and other Gaelic music related activities
  • Lobbying the Federal and Municipal governments to recognize Gaelic as an important part of Canada’s heritage and have it offered as an elective language in our schools here. This will involve networking with government in Nova Scotia to see how they have been able to make progress in this area
  • Participating at as many events as possible to raise awareness of the rising vitality and relevance of Gaelic in Canadian society and around the world.